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Happy Delivers - About Us
Happy Delivers - About Us

About Happy

It’s a classic catch-22: The times when you most crave your favorite snacks, are the times when you least want to leave the house. The convenience store near you isn’t so convenient. This is exactly the inconvenient experience our Founder had one time too many and just like that happy was born.

Happy delivers thousands of convenience store items—from snacks, drinks and ice cream to groceries, over-the-counter medicine, cleaning supplies and other daily essentials. Not only do we deliver fast but we’re open day-or-night, 7-days a week, so it’s alway a convenient time for you to order. Whether you're too tired, too sick or just need it right now, happy delivers!

Your Questions. Our Answers

So what exactly does happy do?

Happy is your new best friend! We deliver convenience items right to your door. Think food, drinks, ice cream, daily essentials, over-the-counter medicine, cleaning Supplies & more delivered Fast. Unlike other delivery services, we are the store, so we stock way more items and deliver faster!

How much does happy cost?

Can you really put a price on "happyness"? Of course you can and our delivery service is just $2.99 flat. Everytime! No surge pricing or hidden mark-ups either.

How does happy work?

Enter your delivery address, add all your favorites to the cart and check out with a credit or debit card. We’ll pack and deliver your order faster than you can search “convenience store near me”.

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